5 reasons you should use Google ads (AKA Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads)

Google ads are amongst the highest used platforms for advertisements online, you may not even realize but much of the ads you see online are actually run from the Google ads platform. These ads are also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, and have been dominating the online advertising space for over 20 years now. They’re called PPC ads, because as the name implies- every time the ads are clicked the advertisers are charged a fee depending on how much they’ve set their budget too. 

Have you ever clicked on a sponsored link that’s come up at the top of your search results page? Or clicked on an advertisement on the sidebars of a website? Those were probably PPC ads run though the Google ads platform.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 top reasons why we believe you should use PPC ads for your company, as it is the most trusted way to gain traffic non-organically yet still directly reach your target audience.

1.PPC are Measurable & Trackable

Tools like google ads and google analytics make the tracking of your PPC ads a breeze!  You’ll be able to see exactly who is clicking your ads, and the conversion rate from visitor to customer and so much more! 

2. PPC expands your reach to a larger audience

These ads can be placed all over the web depending on your budget. Looking to introduce your company to a new type of audience? Not a problem with PPC ads, you can implement them wherever you see fit.

3. PPC works hand-in-hand with SEO

When using SEO tactics in your PPC ads, they have a better chance of reaching the audience you desire with the power of highly searched keywords. Using them together catches your audience’s attention, and targets them extremely effectively!

4. Understand your audience better with PPC

Google’s ad platform makes it easy to track and measure results. You’ll be able to understand the behaviour of your audience, making future advertisements even easier to target and carry out!

5. PPC/Google Ads are Greatly Customizable 

Depending on your goals & budget,  the fate of your PPC ads are in the creator’s hands! They are extremely flexible and can be changed during the duration of the campaign.

These ads are a great start to building your website impressions; They can create a great opportunity for you to generate leads at your pace, price, and desired target audience. Google ads platform is great for companies just starting out to the world’s most successful. It’s trusted, and has continued to bring success for those trying to market themselves in the digital space. 

Interested in learning how PPC and Google ads could help your company’s website? Contact us and learn  how we will work with you to ensure you carry out a successful digital advertising campaign.