The Importance of Good Website Design

As a business owner, your website is your most important digital asset. A well-made website will convey your brand, it will attract (and convert) visitors, and will expand your reach. Today, any business that does not have a website limits itself from exposure, potential sales, and a better customer experience/relationship. Websites need to be viewed as equally important to the in-person experience of your business. With how digitally driven everything is today, you are holding your business back if you don’t equal time and effort into both your online and in-person services.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an even stronger need for digital marketing and good websites. While many companies failed this year, those who are still standing knew they had to adapt by upgrading their website; Many were already prepared. The proof is clear when we see companies like Amazon, which brought in almost half a trillion dollars in 2020. Times have changed, and great websites are becoming the top businesses globally.

A good website is much more than just a visually pleasing design, or an easy to navigate site (while these are still very good starting points). To be considered a good website, thorough planning is important to make sure your targeting the needs of your customers. When creating a website you have to ask, what would I want included as a shopper? There are many features to be used within websites. Some of which can make the shoppers experience better than it is in a physical store. Making sure the website is concise, consistent, convenient, and organized are all great factors that entice people to continue coming back to sites,

Take a look at your favourite sites, what do they have that makes you want to visit it? Is it the search option that makes finding your desired options easier? or the option to compare prices and specifications of a product? Does it have an easy to navigate layout? The wide variety of options you may have not seen in store? There are many factors that make up a great site, some more apparent than others. Even the smallest details can make a huge impact in your website’s visitors’ experience.

Ensuring you have a good website will do wonders for your company’s growth in terms of sustainability and longevity. It will establish authority, the amount of impressions it will receive, and the amount of leads it will generate. As internet consumption grows, online shopping/services continues to as well. Creating a great website will help distinguish yourself from your competitors and put your business one step ahead.

Looking to build your next website, but don’t know where to start? At Primary Digital Marketing we take our time to collaborate with you, and evaluate what your company’s site needs to flourish in its given market. We work to make your site stand out from the competitors in your field. By thinking outside of the box and using great web design, we create websites that are sure to supply business’ a great foundation to start building their online presence. Book your free consultation with us, and let’s create a great website!

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