SEO-Friendly Breadcrumbs Using a WordPress Shortcode

Breadcrumbs are a navigational aid that not only help users understand the structure of a website but also provide an SEO advantage by linking back to previous pages. A well-implemented breadcrumb trail can encourage users to explore more of your website and decrease bounce rates, while also giving search engines more context about your site’s […]

QR Codes Shortcode on Your WordPress Site with Google API

If you want a simple and quick way to add QR codes to your WordPress site, you can use the Google Chart API to generate them on-the-fly. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a WordPress shortcode to generate a QR code for the current URL using Google’s Chart API. Step 1: […]

Generate QR Codes in WordPress Using a Shortcode

In an increasingly mobile-centric world, QR codes have made it incredibly easy to bridge the gap between offline and online content. Whether you’re running an event, managing a restaurant, or writing a blog, having a QR code that leads to your website can be incredibly convenient. In this guide, we’ll walk through creating a WordPress […]

How to Add a “Back to Top” Button in WordPress Using a Shortcode

If you’re looking to enhance the navigation of your WordPress website, adding a “Back to Top” button is a simple yet effective solution. It improves the user experience, especially on long pages. In this tutorial, we’ll go through how to add this feature using a shortcode, without the need to edit your theme’s functions.php file […]

WordPress Shortcode to create an interactive gallery

Displaying a collection of images on your WordPress site can significantly enhance the visual appeal and user engagement. With the help of a simple shortcode, you can add an interactive photo gallery anywhere on your site. In this tutorial, we will create a shortcode that allows you to easily display a gallery of images from […]

WordPress Shortcode that displays posts (Custom Query)

What is a Custom Query Shortcode? A custom query shortcode is a piece of code that you can insert into your WordPress post or page that executes a custom query to the WordPress database. It retrieves content dynamically according to your specifications. This means you can create lists of posts, products, or any custom content […]

Figma to WordPress

Unfortunately, there’s no magic tool that will convert your Figma files to a WordPress site. However, you have a few good options when it comes to converting Figma to WordPress. Your first option (whether you’ll be doing the work, or paying someone to do it, is to use a visual builder like Elementor to create […]

Convert Divi to Elementor

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to convert a Divi website to Elementor. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t rebuild the site using Elementor and make it look almost identical. Elementor Pro is has a very similar featureset to Divi (most designers prefer Elementor over Divi), so recreating a Divi website in Elementor is […]

How to Edit Header and Footer in WordPress Elementor

If you have an activated version of Elementor Pro on your website, you’ll get access to the Theme Builder, which lets us edit the website’s header and footer (among other things). 1. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Templates > Theme Builder 2. Once in the Theme Builder, click on ‘Header’ or ‘Footer’ in the […]