Do You Need a Booking System on Your Website?

There are many options for booking systems that can be implemented onto your website. A booking system can consist of a simple calendar, or it can be an elaborate form which lists your services, availability, employees and other options. In this post, we’ll explore some popular options for different types of booking systems that can be added onto a WordPress website.

If you need help implementing a booking system onto your website, contact us for help. Our team can advise you on which booking system will be the best fit for your company, and we’ll teach you how to use this tool to get the most out of it.

Calendly (

Calendly is a popular scheduling system that has a free (basic) option. Although the free version is quite limited, you can at least test the software and determine if it will be a good fit for your website. Some useful features of Calendly are notifications (including SMS notifications on some of the paid tiers), the ability to redirect visitors after they fill out the Calendly form, and the ability to use the Calendly App (available for Android and iOS) on your phone.

The Calendly App makes it very easy to manage your appointments, receive alerts and use Canendly on the go.

You Can Book Me (

You Can Book me is a feature-rich scheduling system that can be customized to your existing workflow. It connects to your existing calendar in order to determine your (and your staff’s) availability. Furthermore, it has a highly customizable booking form that can be adapted to your requirements.

You Can Book Me’s pricing is very simple. Unlike other software which charges you per user (on a monthly basis), You Can Book Me charges you per calendar. Most small companies won’t require more than one calendar, so it is a great tool if you’re a beginner.

Amelia (

Although Amelia is a less popular option, it is a great option for a booking system for WordPress websites. It is very well supported and it has a very natural workflow which fits most business models. Because it is a WordPress plugin, it integrates better into a WordPress site than other options such as Calendly, although it is not as feature rich.

However, it does have a wide feature set including WooCommerce Integration (eg. being able to add receive payments through any WooCommerce payment gateway), Google Calendar integration, and much more. A full feature list can be seen here.

These are just a couple of options for booking systems for your website. There are many more options out there and we’d love to hear your thoughts on these tools, and perhaps some recommendations for alternatives. If you’d us to help you install a booking system on your website, contact us today.