Elementor vs Divi – Which One is Better?

Elementor and Divi are both formidable visual builders for WordPress, at Primary Digital Marketing, we are currently developing most of our websites in Elementor because it has faster load times, it is faster to develop with and it has more associated plugins (eg. JetEngine) which drastically increase its capabilities.

Cloud Estate 360 - one of the websites Primary Digital Marketing made using Divi

Load Times

Although a Divi website can load as quickly as a site made in Elementor, generally it will take more work and it will be more difficult. With the right plugins (eg. WP Rocket), and the right hosting, you can have a quick website made in any visual builder. However, on average, websites made in Elementor have noticeably faster load times than websites made in Divi.


The interfaces and workflows of both builders are good in my opinion, although this comes down to a matter of preference. From my experience, Elementor is much faster and takes up fewer resources when building, therefore you can have more pages open and everything loads and responds faster. There have been times where I’ve been frustrated with Divi’s performance (note that I’m talking about actually using the builder, and not how quickly the page loads for visitors.)

Overall, I prefer Elementor but I’d urge you to check out both options and make a decision for yourself.

Cost and Licensing

I suspect that Divi has become popular over the years not because it is better than alternatives like Elementor, but because it is cheaper. With Divi, you can purchase a lifetime license for unlimited websites for a few hundred dollars (depending on if there is a sale going on). Elementor on the other hand does not seem to have lifetime licenses. However, I strongly believe that the benefits that Elementor offers are worth paying extra for.

Which One You Should Choose

There’s a reason why Elementor is the most popular; because it is the best and it creates the best websites. I definitely recommend using Elementor unless pricing is an issue.