Figma to WordPress

Unfortunately, there’s no magic tool that will convert your Figma files to a WordPress site. However, you have a few good options when it comes to converting Figma to WordPress.

Your first option (whether you’ll be doing the work, or paying someone to do it, is to use a visual builder like Elementor to create the website. At Primary Digital Marketing, we use Elementor Pro to create most of our clients’ websites. There are many other builders, such as Divi, Visual Composer, WP Bakery, and Oxygen. However, Elementor’s stability, feature set, plugin ecosystem and community make it a great option in 2023 for WordPress website design.

We usually recommend using a visual builder because it’s generally easier to create the website, in comparison to coding a theme. It will also be easier to manage your website in the long term.

The other option which we mentioned is to create a WordPress theme using PHP, HTML and CSS. This method has a much steeper learning curve than using a visual builder, but it does have its benefits. For example, a well-written theme will usually have faster load times than a website built in a visual builder.

Although there is no quick and easy way to convert Figma to WordPress, most website designers will be able to help you with the task. Contact us today and we’ll be able to help you.