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We have over 71+ five star reviews on Google and hundreds across all platforms. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and their satisfaction was always our top priority.

At Primary Digital Marketing, we offer web design services for business owners in Mississauga, Ontario. We work closely with our clients to implement their feedback and create a website that is well designed, unique, and customized to their requirements.

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Mississauga web design

Website Design Mississauga

We create custom designed WordPress websites for clients in all industries. We’ve made websites for clients all over the world. We work with companies of all sizes. 

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Ecommerce Website Design In Mississauga

We create custom-made Ecommerce websites for customers who are ready to start selling online. We’ll help your business get off the ground and we’ll instruct you on how to maintain your Ecommerce website to manage inventory and edit products.

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WordPress Website Updates & Maintenance In Mississauga

Do you need help maintaining your existing site? We can help you add content, implement new functionality and much more.

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Website Consultation

If you’re a bit lost and don’t understand the details about owning a website, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you understand WordPress, hosting, DNS, and any other topic in the field. We’ll help you make sound decisions about your website, backed by over 15 years of industry experience.

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An effective SEO strategy can help you rank on search engines and drive traffic to your website. It is a long term strategy that is an important part of online marketing.

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Using your design input and suggestions, we’ll make a blog website that will help you reach your audience effectively.

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The Best Website Design Mississauga Has To Offer

We’re an Mississauga, Ontario based team that specializes in creating and maintaining websites for our clients. Over the years, we’ve made websites for companies in Canada, USA, England, Finland, Cayman Islands, UAE and more. We’ve worked with small business owners, logistics companies, construction companies, athletes and individuals in many other industries. Since we founded our company, we’ve always strived to help our clients establish an online presence with a custom-made website that is suited to their requirements and design preferences. In today’s world, a modern and well-made website can be a defining part of your brand image, and often the most important part of your brand identity.



What Our Clients Say

“Primary Digital Marketing is run by Adrian and Bart they are brothers. I have never worked with a more professional team before, they revamped my old website ( and took it to the next level. They listen to what their clients need and the end result of their work speaks for its self. Very professional and a joy to work with.”

Steve D.

Security Company Owner

“Adrian, and the team at Primary did an amazing job creating my website. They followed the guidelines I mentioned, and recommended things that respected the brand I was trying to create. The friendly and straight forward work and responses I got from him went a long way, and now, I can’t imagine going to anyone else to help continue building my website and web presence. Thanks for all you do! I look forward to continue working with you guys!”

Anthony T.

Gaming Community Leader

“Amazing – Adrian does the best job and I definitely will reach out to him if/when I need any further work done. Adrian will not disappoint if you’re looking for website design.”

Colleen M.


Our Process For Website Design In Mississauga 

There are thousands of website design companies, and various tools that will help you create a website yourself. However, we’ve always differentiated ourselves in the areas that matter; providing attentive customer service, offering fair pricing, and using every resource to create a website that is truly special. Of course, a quality design is only one part of the equation. Your website will be functional across all modern devices (Desktop computers, laptops, phones, tablets), and you’ll be able to manage content and design from a WordPress backend.  

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The Initial Stages

Every website build is different, and every client has different requirements. During the initial planning stages, we consult with the client to fully understand their vision for their website. We discuss design ideas, required features, content and various other aspects of the project. This is an information gathering state that is crucial to delivering a website that the client will love.

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The Design Phase

The next stage involves creating the design of the website and establishing a cohesive design that is well put together, unique, identifiable and memorable. Your website is an important part of your brand, and it should convey your brand image in an effective manner.

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Implementing Your Feedback

Depending on your feedback and requirements, we will keep you updated and schedule meetings to show you progress on the website. That way, you’ll be able to make suggestions for the website build. We believe that the client is an important part of the building process and we welcome any and all feedback. 

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Building Your Website

When we build a website, there are several areas where we focus on. Design, user experience, page load times and functionality are some of the most important aspects of your website project. After we’re done, we’ll transfer your website to your hosting and we can advise you on how to manage your website going forward.

Do I Need a Website?

Website Design Mississauga | Done With Excellence

Although some businesses can survive through word of mouth alone, having a website can help you reach new audiences and find new leads. Furthermore, it will help you prepare for the future as consumer trends become more online-focused. 

Establishing a presence online will help visitors learn about your business and easily get in touch with you. Businesses in virtually every industry have a website and the leading companies invest a lot of resources into web design, marketing, SEO and advertising

Because of advanced analytical tools and information gathering online, we are able to create websites that are effective in keeping your visitors engaged and interested in your business and offerings. Ultimately, our goal is to help you succeed in today’s competitive business environment. 

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Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority

Why Choose Us?

We listen to you, and we implement your feedback. At the end of the day, our goal is to create a website that is not only appealing to visitors, but also to you. We understand that every client has their own specific design ideas and vision for their website. Our goal is to make that vision come to life so you’ll have a website that you’ll be confident showing to your potential customers.

After the build process, we’ll be here to help you manage your website. If you need help with website updates or keeping everything up to date on your website, we can provide you with a fair quote for those types of services. We do all types of maintenance work including adding functionality, changing content, adding pages, modernizing a website’s appearance and much more.

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